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Digital Menu Display case study with Beshoffs Bros Fish & Chips Take-away chain, Dublin.

Background of Customer
Beshoff Bros is a quality Fish & Chip take-away chain with 5 outlets in Dublin. Quality, image & innovation are very important at Beshoffs. The staff purchase all the fish fresh directly from the quayside to ensure that they receive the best quality. Branding & Marketing campaigns are run that include printed media, bus stop ads, logos and a number of firsts such as Gluten-free weekends and recycled paper packaging have created the overall image of Beshoffs. Beshoffs Bros were looking for a menu display systems that could leverage their investment in marketing and branding while allowing them to promote, upsell and even cut costs instore.

The traditional printed menus display at Beshoffs were proving too inflexible. Monthly promotions required on-site visits. Different offerings for differents times of the day were an impossibility. Space was also an issue as only one promotion could be displayed at a time. Due to the down-turn price changes were becoming regular and as all fish sold was fresh items had to be renamed to changed frequently. Delays in getting his printed menu boards changed were affecting his business. Richard Beshoff wanted a platform to overcome these problems but also something that could be used to differenate his company from his competitors and increase market share. A system that could provide in-store entertainment through on-screen interactive games with his customers would make his business stand-out and bring in new customers.

Retail Media systems provided Beshoffs Bros with a mid-level Digital Menu Display platform for 4 screens under a managed service agreement. Initial content was created following their previous designs, with animations, scrolling promotions, and moving images added to draw in customers attentions to upselling items. Breakfast, lunch and evening menus offerings were created and scheduled to come on during the day, each with their corresponding promotions to better target the various customer types. All text ( products, descriptions, prices ) was editable in-store allowing the duty manager to easily and quickly changes prices or add & remove items depending on levels of stock.
Seasonal themes were added to all templates such as falling snow across all screens during winters, shamrocks for St. Paddys day and even 3D love hearts on Valentines.
A special one-armed bandit promotions was created that would come on across all four screens at a random time on their busy Fridays nights with the next customer in the queue receiving a free meal if all fish came up on the slot machine - try doing this with a printed menu display!
A LCD, keyboard, mouse were installed in each office allowing staff to control the content at each outlet while Retail Media Systems manage the systems uploading new promotions, new interactive games, linking in with EPOS data and even iPhone and Facebook pages using the internet.
Beshoffs Bros will certaintly be staying ahead of the competition with the latest in Menu Display technology from Retail MediA Systems.




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