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Corrib Oil Topaz Digital Menu Case Study

Background of customer
Corrib Oil now have 15 award winning service stations and convenience stores situated in the west, North West and Midlands of Ireland where you will find a one stop shop for convenience. Fill up your vehicle; grab a bite to eat at one of our deli counters and relax and enjoy home cooked food in our seating areas situated in-store. Corrib Oil were keen to get the in-store menu displays to work as a marketing tool as well as a practical menu board.

The Marketing department of Corrib Oil wanted promotions played with the menus that changed automatically throughout the day. They also wanted all the in-store promotions played at the cash registers. Corrib oil introduced a loyalty scheme using a tag scheme and this needed to be communicated in-store to the customers.
The static menu boards needed to come alive to indulge the customers. The menu displays had to be entertaining, informative and provide extra revenue for Corrib Oil.
The marketing department wanted a reliable platform that could schedule appropriately and the content could be updated instantaneously.

Corrib Oil's design company produced a series of menu designs as well as there in-store promotions. The design company handed these over to Retail Media Systems who then animated them uploaded and scheduled the content for the right times.
Retail Media Systems now control what content is available where and when. Retail Media Systems update the content whenever its needed and actively monitor and manage the system on-line using the Portal.
The graphics team at Retail Media Systems animate the branded content. Once the content is finalised by Corrib Oil, Retail Media Systems upload the content instantaneously.

The Platform
Retail Media Systems have designed a single media platform that can do up to 6 visuals and one music zone at any one time. Finally the retail sector have a cutting edge, easy to use music and visuals player so that their menus, in-store promotions and background music is an all in one solution.


retail media systems digital signage in cafe hi cork



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