Why did you decide to set up Retail Media systems?
“Retail Media Systems started in 2005 under the name Donkeymedia. We found there was a gap in the retail market for a flexible in-store music player with great quality tracks hand-picked for the for the Irish customer. We created the player and got a lot of business.
In 2008, after spending 2 years researching and developing a solution with our customers, we launched our Digital Signage and Menu Display platform. Today Retail Media Systems supplies businesses in Ireland, UK & Germany with digital displays and in-store audio solutions.”

You provide 'Digital Menu Displays' for the retail and food service industries. Exactly what does this mean?
Our Digital Menu Display platforms give you colourful, animated and entertaining menu displays in your shop floor. You can change all content on them easily and in seconds. Text and images on the displays can also come from head office or even the Internet. Some of our customers display live sports or news updates on their menus for waiting customers to read. Menu displays are changing from a fixed printed list of products and prices to something that informs, entertains and changes with the needs of the customers. Displays are moving into the generation of Twitters, Facebookers and iPoders.
Our product received the 'Highly Commended' award for Retail Technology Product 2009 at this years SHOP EXPO.

How can retail and food service businesses benefit from working with you?
Firstly, you will stand out from your competitors - within 3 years digital menu displays will become the norm, so whoever gets them first will get all the attention.
Secondly, you will start to see savings over printed displays quickly - every time you change a price or product its free – you can do it as often as you like.
Thirdly, you will see your margins increase by being able to promote your daily specials, have morning & evenings menus and change prices and offerings for special events.
But most importantly if you have a display that customers will actually come into your store just to see, you're going to sell much more.

In the current climate, everyone is concerned with keeping costs in check.
Are your solutions expensive?

Not at all. Both our Digital Display and In-store music systems are very competitively priced. You can buy a 26” LCD screen for 270 Euro nowadays so the initial upfront cost is very low. With our Digital Displays systems we estimate that a retailer would recoup his/her investment in 1 - 2 years when compared to printing costs. This is before taking into account the increase in sales our systems generate.

Can you tell us about who some of your current clients are?
Our clients range from The o2, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Fresh supermarkets to Supermacs fast-food restaurants, forecourts, wine bars and Independent Deli's.

Have you any plans for expansion of new services in the near future?
We have already some tasty add-ons planned for our systems – menus displays that reflect and adjust to the seasons. Further down the road we plan to offer services like using iPhone apps as a loyalty scheme with personalised greetings on the displays and even hooking up with Facebook. All these extras will be available to all our existing customer as well. However our competitive price and great quality will not change!


Retail News Magazine interviews Retail Media Systems director Keith O'Reilly for their November Edition

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